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June 8, 2017Boral & Headwaters Update | New SDS Center | New Eben Stone Stepping Stones | New Installation Accessories PricesMore information about Boral's acquisition of Headwaters is available. We have added an SDS Center to our website. Two new Eben Stone Stepping Stones are available. Installation Accessories prices have been updated.View
May 5, 2017Eldorado Outdoor Update, StoneCraft Product Name ChangeMany Eldorado Outdoor products have been reduced in price. StoneCraft has renamed Hudson Farmledge to Ridley Farmledge.View
April 28, 2017Eldorado Stone Modern Collection UpdateDue to low demand, Eldorado has decided to phase out select products from the Modern Collection, effective 5/1/2017.View
April 14, 2017Price Updates: Installation Accessories, Stone Age FireplacesThere have been minor changes to our Installation Accessories and Stone Age Fireplaces prices.View
March 3, 2017Eldorado Outdoor & Installation Accessories UpdatesEldorado has added a wood burning fireplace to their Eldorado Outdoor Line, and there have been some updates to the list of discontinued products. Mortairvent 202 Rainscreen has changed in price.View
February 24, 2017Eldorado Stone & Dutch Quality Stone UpdatesEldorado Stone has introduced a new profile called Vintage Ranch. Non-Eldorado Accents have changed in price. Dutch Quality Stone has discontinued several accents for 2017.View
February 3, 2017Old World Flagstone UpdateSeveral new products have been added to our Old World Flagstone line, and there has also been a minor price update that affects most products.View
January 18, 2017Installation Accessories UpdateUpdated price lists are now available for installation accessories.View
December 22, 2016Holiday Greetings | Headwaters UpdateHoliday Greetings and some information about Boral and Headwaters.View
October 18, 2016Updated Headwaters Prices | Eldorado Outdoor UpdateUpdated price lists are now available for Headwaters products (Eldorado Stone, StoneCraft, Dutch Quality Stone). A few additional Eldorado Outdoor products have been discontinued.View
September 12, 2016Eldorado Natural Stone Discontinuation | Headwaters Price IncreaseWe are now offering discounts for certain orders of in-stock Eldorado Natural Stone products. Headwaters products will be increasing in price on November 1, 2016.View
August 24, 2016Eldorado Natural Stone DiscontinuationEldorado has decided to discontinue their line of natural stone products. Orders must be placed by September 2 to be assured of fulfillment.View
August 19, 2016Installation Accessories Update | Eldorado DiscontinuationsThere have been a few minor changes to our installation accessories price list. Eldorado is discontinuing several products on September 30, 2016.View
July 28, 2016New Eldorado Stone & Old World Flagstone Brochures, Installation Accessories UpdateEldorado has released a new brochure and is also planning to discontinue several items. A new brochure is available for Old World Flagstone products. Our Installation Accessories price list has been updated.View
April 8, 2016Dutch Quality Stone: New Products for 2016Dutch Quality Stone has released several new products for 2016, and our price list has been updated to include the additions.View
March 14, 2016Eben Stone Spring Orders, Eldorado Stone Prices, Stone Age Price UpdateWe are offering 2015 prices for Spring orders of Eben Stone products placed by April 1, 2016. Prices for the Eldorado Stone Modern Collection are now included on the Eldorado Stone & Accents price list. Prices for Stone Age Fireplaces have been updated.View
February 23, 2016New Eldorado Products, Product Discontinuations, ARDEX Price ChangeEldorado has released new products as a part of their Modern Collection. They also added several Fire Bowls to their Eldorado Outdoor line. Several items were discontinued from the Eldorado Natural Stone and Dutch Quality Stone product lines. ARDEX products increased slightly in price.View
December 30, 2015Mortar Price Update, New StoneCraft Items, ARDEX ProductsEssroc Mortars are increasing slightly in price. StoneCraft has added 3 new products to their line. We now have stock available of several ARDEX specialty mortars.View
December 14, 2015Old World Flagstone UpdateWe have made many additions and changes to our Old World Flagstone product line. Our price list and website have been updated with the new products and prices and are now grouped into categories based on product styles.View
August 28, 2015Updates for Eldorado Stone & Dutch Quality StoneEldorado Stone is having a price increase that will take effect on October 30, 2015. Dutch Quality Stone has added several new items.View
July 16, 2015Old World Flagstone & Stepping StonesWe recently added several new products to our Old World Flagstone product line, including several caps, treads, and natural stone sills. We also introduced a line of manufactured stepping stones.View
June 11, 2015Update for Eldorado Natural Stone & StoneCraft FarmledgeEldorado has released details recommendations for the installation of Eldorado Natural Stone. We recommend the use of Old World Flagstone accents to complement Eldorado Natural Stone. StoneCraft has changed the packaging quantities for Farmledge products. There have been some minor changes to our Installation Accessories price list.View
April 9, 2015Update Regarding Belgard ProductsWe are now supplying Belgard products from the Crofton MD plant instead of the Easton PA plant. Our price list has been updated with the prices for Crofton products.View
March 11, 2015Dutch Quality Stone UpdateDutch Quality Stone has changed the packaging quantities for several types of corners.View
March 5, 2015Eldorado Natural Stone & Old World FlagstoneEldorado Natural Stone samples and price lists are now available. We have added several new caps to our Old World Flagstone product line.View
January 27, 2015StoneCraft & Dutch Quality Stone: New Price Lists Now AvailableNew price lists are now available for StoneCraft and Dutch Quality Stone products. They can be downloaded from our price list center.View
December 22, 2014Price Updates for Mortar, Stone Age, StoneCraft, and Dutch Quality StoneThere will be a price increase for Essroc Mortar and Stone Age Fireplaces on January 1, 2015. There will be a price increase for StoneCraft and Dutch Quality Stone products on February 1, 2015.View